About Us

Hey there!

I’m Nicole and I want to help you find just what you’re looking for. Here at Destination Dress, I'm looking to help you by providing products for travel and play that are perfect for someone dealing with allergies and sensitive skin. My everyday journey with nickel and sulfite allergies has required so much support and help from others in the allergy community and I'd like to give back in any way that I can.

It has become my goal to create a place for anyone who needs tips, tricks, and easy solutions for their all natural needs. Whether you just choose to forgo preservatives, chemicals, and synthetics... or if you NEED to eliminate them, this is the place for you.

I've struggled with eczema and sensitive skin my whole life due to my allergies and could never find cute clothes that suited my needs. Often in the all natural product world, we don't get many options that are fashionable, unique, and colorful in cottons and other natural soothing fabrics. I'd like to change that! All natural doesn't need to be plain, beige, and boring. 

I have a preference for good quality fabrics such as cotton, silk, and linen because they breathe and don’t itch like many mass produced fabrics these days. Personally, I have sensitive skin so this is what works for me and hope to help you, too, if you need a soothing solution to everyday problems such as itchy skin and discomfort. 

When I’m not having fun with fashion, I like to spend my time in the kitchen, at my sewing machine or at the beach. Sewing is one of my favorite pastimes and I'm proud to have started a business that is rewarding and creative. There are some beautiful handmade items for you on the website, all made from organic cotton fabrics.

It is my hope to create a community that helps each other and guides one another to all of their favorite products, foods, and ideas. Please join us from the very beginning of what will be the place where you'll feel right at home with all of the other all natural loving folks. 

I find it really unfortunate that most of us have very little for support at first, not to mention the struggle that we have searching endlessly online and in stores for products and ideas that will make us happy, ease our problems and give us peace of mind. I'm hoping to change that, or at least start heading in the right direction! Thank you for being here. 


I hope you find what you were looking for!


P.S. You'll often see me modeling my products... but if you'd like to be featured, I'd love to see the beautiful photos of you in your new purchases. Tag me on Instagram